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Every year, there are at least a few events for which we are particularly keen to decorate the table beautifully. The decoration of the table is an extremely important part of any festive meeting or celebration. Moreover, it will also make the daily meal more enjoyable.

It is around the table that we most often meet with our family and friends. It is worth taking care to make everybody taking part in the meeting feel comfortable and special. Proper daily table decoration is a source of pride for every host. Thankfully, table decorations don't have to cost an arm and a leg!

Decorate your table uniquely with Saketos pouches! Our small pouches can also be used as decorative cutlery covers, as well as for wrapping small gifts for your guests at festive gatherings (you can hang name cards on them to create table vignettes).

Pouches for bottles of alcoholic drinks will be an absolute sensation as a table decoration for parties, weddings, baptism receptions, or birthday parties. The 16 × 37 cm fabric pouches are perfect bottle covers!

How about surprising your guests and giving them a small gift? Wrap your gift in a beautiful pouch so that no one can guess what is inside. Do you want your wedding to be remembered by every guest for a long time? Order pouches with personalized text (e.g. your wedding date and your initials) – they are certain to become nice keepsakes in the future.

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