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Decorated Christmas-themed pouches

Decorated Christmas-themed pouches

Feel the magic of the holiday season! Order today the unique packaging with Christmas-themed decorations. You can choose from a variety of ready-to-use print designs and decorative appliqués. Choose your design and size. The large ones will be perfect for Christmas gifts, while the smaller ones will hold little gifts and sweets.

May this holiday season be one of a kind! Wrap your ideas in our Christmas-themed pouches!

Advent calendars

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Choose your Advent calendar and start the magical countdown to Christmas! Original Advent pouch sets and exciting accessories you can use to create a DIY Christmas garland await you!

Are you wondering what to put in your Advent calendar? How about putting sweets, cards with Christmas-themed tasks, and small gifts in the bags to make the wait for the holiday season special? It is a great tradition that’s definitely worth continuing. After all, Advent calendars are loved by children and adults alike!

Christmas-themed packaging made from velour and satin

May this holiday have an air of luxury! Velour and satin pouches will help you make it happen. Use them to wrap Christmas gifts for your loved ones! Create a tradition of making gifts that are beautifully wrapped! With us, you'll take care of every detail to make this year's festivities special.

Christmas-themed jute, linen, and cotton pouches

Is classics your cup of tea? Then choose jute, cotton, or linen pouches! See for yourself that fabrics with a rustic look enhance the festive atmosphere wonderfully. It will be elegant and classy – check out our extensive collection of jute, cotton, and linen pouches. You'll surely appreciate the choice!

Holiday-themed organza bags!

What are you going to put in our Christmas-themed organza pouches? A gift for someone close to you? Or maybe a company gadget?

This elegant semi-transparent fabric is a Christmas must-have in your home! Don’t lag behind and create a Christmas atmosphere - with Saketos, it's child's play. Check out our organza bag collection.

Metallic pouches

Do you want it to have a modern or luxury feel? Do you want it to have an air of glamour? This year's festivities will be like this if you choose elegantly glossy metallic bags.

Create unique decorations or wrap your Christmas gifts in original metallic fabric. Choose from silver and gold – the classics that are certain to satisfy you.

Nonwoven pouches

Nonwoven pouches

You can be eco-friendly this Christmas – choose beautiful reusable pouches made from a modern nonwoven fabric!

We offer festive-themed printed vlieseline bags that stand out by their fashionable Christmas-themed embellishments. These spunbound bags are closed with a practical drawstring – simply tighten the satin ribbons on both sides. Gift bags made from non-woven fabric will allow you to nicely wrap your Christmas presents in just a few moments.

Order Christmas-themed nonwoven pouches

Personalized Christmas-themed pouches

Surprise your loved ones this year – replace your ordinary gift bags and wrapping paper with personalized Christmas-themed sacks that are no less fun than their contents! Have us print your loved ones' names, a photo, or any other graphics on them. Personalized Christmas bags with your print will give your presents a special touch!

Create a festive atmosphere for your business!

Order original pouches with your logo and a Christmas-themed print. Choose from ready print patterns or design your own bags. Stand out from the crowd and give your business partners Christmas wishes with class!

Create your own pouches

Personalized Christmas pouches

Decorations and accessories for pouches

Would you like your gift bag to have more decoration? Or perhaps you want to create a distinctive holiday-themed decoration? Be sure to see our decorations and embellishments for pouches! They will make your Easter-themed pouches even chicer!

In this category, you will also find stickers and other holiday-themed decorations to create a unique DIY Advent calendar!

Small Christmas-themed pouches

Even a small gift can inspire delight! All you need to do is make sure your gift is beautifully packaged. Fabric pouches will do a perfect job here.

Small Christmas-themed pouches can be used as packaging for tiny gifts (jewellery, sweets, gingerbread) or as original table decoration (e.g. as thank-you pouches for guests).

Order small Christmas-themed pouches

Small Christmas gift bags
Large gift bags

Large bags for gifts

How to wrap a gift with an irregular shape? Large gift bags for Christmas presents are the perfect solution!

Drawstring bags will allow you to quickly and effectively wrap your Christmas gifts. The gift wrapping solution we offer is made from durable, high-quality fabric, so you will be able to use it again and again, e.g. to create original Christmas decorations.

Choose large gift bags

Santa Claus in the kindergarten and school

Looking for nice-looking gift wrapping for your children's Santa gifts? Discover this collection of gift pouches with decorative prints – perfect for St. Nicholas Day and Christmas.

The drawstring in the hem makes it easy to wrap presents and keep the contents of the Christmas gift bag a secret until the last minute. Sachets with colourful prints will appeal to every child!

Order pouches for St. Nicholas Day presents

Gift bags for preschoolers

For table decoration

Special occasions deserve special accessories! Discover how beautiful Christmas decorations can help create a special atmosphere in your home. Looking for original ideas for your Christmas table decorations? Check out the Christmas pouch collection from Saketos!

We offer beautiful fabric pouches with Christmas-themed embellishments, which you can use as wrapping for gifts for guests, an alternative to cutlery cases, or decorative bottle covers.

Order pouches for table decoration

Bags for table decorations
Bottle gift packs

Christmas-themed bottle pouches

Are you wondering how to wrap your gift wine? Fabric pouches will allow you to nicely wrap a bottle of wine or spirit and other oblong-shaped gifts.

A pouch is also perfect as a decorative cover for a bottle – used in this way, the pouch is a wonderful addition to your Christmas table decoration.

Gift spirits packaging

€3.89 1 pc
€3.89 1 pc
Velvet pouch 26 x 35 cm - Christmas, Bells Velvet pouch

Velvet pouch 26 x 35 cm - Christmas, Bells

€4.99 10 pcs
€0.50 1 pc
Burlap bags 13 x 18 cm - green Green bags

Burlap bags 13 x 18 cm - green

€4.19 10 pcs
€0.42 1 pc
Organza bags 18 x 24 cm - Christmas / 2 Christmas bag

Organza bags 18 x 24 cm - Christmas / 2

€5.99 5 pcs
€1.20 1 pc
Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - Christmas / 1 Christmas bag

Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - Christmas / 1

€7.79 10 pcs
€0.78 1 pc
Organza bags 18 x 24 cm - Christmas Christmas bag

Organza bags 18 x 24 cm - Christmas

€4.49 5 pcs
€0.90 1 pc
Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - Christmas Christmas bag

Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - Christmas

€4.49 5 pcs
€0.90 1 pc
Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - Christmas Christmas bag

Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - Christmas

€3.09 1 pc
€3.09 1 pc
Bag like linen with printing 26 x 35 cm - natural / Christmas tree Christmas bag

Bag like linen with printing 26 x 35 cm - natural /...

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