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Nonwoven bags, sized 30 x 45 cm, printed with “Halloween” text All products

Nonwoven bags, sized 30 x 45 cm, printed with...


Fleece bags

Nonwoven fabric (a.k.a. non-woven polypropylene/ fleece/vellum) is an innovative answer to the environmental trend. It is not woven like traditional knitted and woven fabrics - it is created by combining different lengths of fibres arranged irregularly. This makes it both lightweight and very strong. The fleece bags hold a lot of weight, so they are ideal for packing small, symbolic gifts and those weighing much more, such as sweets or homemade preserves.

Wigofil is also distinguished by its high elasticity, which enables it to adapt to the shape and dimensions of the products placed in the bags. The stretchability also makes it possible to pack irregularly shaped items with high resistance to stretching, creasing and tearing.

Key benefits of the absorbent fabric bag

Fleece bags and pouches are:

  • reusable and very durable - perfectly in line with the zero waste trend, as once used to wrap a gift they can be used on subsequent occasions or used for storage,
  • durable (they carry a lot of weight) - they can be used for a wide variety of gifts (from small and lightweight gifts to much heavier toys or preserves),
  • non-toxic - they are safe for health and the environment,
  • made with recycling in mind (they are made from PP, i.e. polypropylene) - they help to reduce the production of rubbish, which is fuelled by, for example, disposable gift bags or gift wrapping paper,
  • moisture-resistant and breathable - thanks to these properties, even jewellery or cosmetics can be stored in them,
  • flexible and lightweight (crush- and stretch-resistant) - they always look aesthetically pleasing, yet are handy and space-saving.

In addition to the fact that fleece bags are upcycled and functional products, it is also worth noting that their purchase is cost-effective. This reusable solution can be purchased for a fraction of the price of an ordinary disposable gift bag.

It is also worth knowing that the biodegradable nonwoven material accepts dyes perfectly! The colours are well saturated and the details are visible. The interlining is an excellent base for all kinds of prints. This is why the small nonwoven bags and the larger printed nonwoven bags are available in many colours and attractive designs.

Fleece gift pouches

Nonwoven biodegradable bags are an excellent alternative to the traditional gift bag. They are far more durable than the usual laminated and paper bags. The nonwoven shows a high resistance to deformation and crushing, so gifts wrapped in bags always look elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

By choosing reusable gift bags made of eco-friendly nonwoven material, you reduce the use of traditional gift packaging, which would be thrown away as soon as the gifts are unwrapped. Conscious shopping will allow you to contribute to improving the fate of the planet!

Printed fleece gift bags - for companies and schools

Looking for gift packaging for your employees? Do you want to thank your customers for their cooperation or give them something nice for their upcoming Christmas or company anniversary? Or maybe you want to create gifts for teachers or students? You have come to the perfect place. We will package your ideas into solutions for today's needs - eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective!

Fleece packaging will show that the gift is thoughtful, while reminding you of a fruitful collaboration or a nice time spent. Because the nonwoven material absorbs dyes so well, the pouches can be personalised as desired. They can be personalised with your company logo, any text, a short thank-you note or a greeting. The colours will be saturated and the details visible. This will give you the effect you want!

You can choose a colour that relates to a particular occasion, your business or other features that are important to you, and the recipients of the bag will appreciate its design, functionality and durability! Have a browse through the products available on the website and also check out our other categories - you are sure to find something for yourself or your loved ones!

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