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3 pcs Nonwoven bags, sized...

Nonwoven bags, sized 30 x 45 cm, printed with...


Nonwoven fabric – what is it?


Non-woven fabric (also known as polypropylene fabric/spunbound/vlieseliene) is an innovative response to the ecological trend.

Unlike traditional knits and fabrics, the material isn’t woven. It’s produced by combining irregularly spaced fibres of different lengths. Thanks to this process, it’s both lightweight and highly durable – bags made of nonwoven fabric can hold considerable weights. Also, what makes spunbound stand out is its high elasticity. This is why packaging made of this nonwoven fabric has high resistance to creasing, tearing, and stretching.


Characteristics of bags and pouches made of a nonwoven fabric:

  • reusable and highly durable – the perfect fit in the zero-waste trend,
  • robust (suitable for heavy loads),
  • non-toxic material,
  • recyclable (made of PP, i.e. polypropylene)
  • highly resistant to moisture,
  • breathable,
  • elastic (resistant to creasing and stretching),
  • light,
  • once folded, they take up very little space,
  • available at a good price, at the Saketos wholesale outlet.


Vlieseliene gift bags


Biodegradable nonwoven fabric bags are a great alternative to the traditional gift bag. They are significantly more durable than conventional laminated and paper gift bags. Spunbound has a high resistance to deformation and creasing, thanks to which gifts packed in our bags always look elegant and eye-pleasing. 

By choosing reusable gift bags made from this eco-friendly non-woven fabric, you reduce the use of traditional gift packaging, which would be thrown away as soon as the gifts are unwrapped! Conscious buying contributes to improving the condition of the planet.


Printed spunbound packaging


Biodegradable fabric produced using non woven technology takes dyes perfectly! The colours are well-saturated and details are visible. Vlieseliene is an excellent base for various types of print. These small nonwoven pouches and larger spunbound bags in our range are available in many colours and with a variety of eye-catching designs.

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