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The packaging solutions available in the Saketos store have a very wide range of applications. Our bags and pouches stand out by their high-quality workmanship and functionality, which make them suitable for a wide variety of purposes - not only as a stylish alternative to paper bags for gifts. Also important is the fact that the products offered by Saketos don’t only serve their purpose effectively - they also look beautiful.

Saketos packaging - inspiring ideas and suggestions for use

The variety of sizes and designs available makes them an ideal packaging solution for gifts and handicrafts, among other things. Our sacks and bags can also be used to store food, children's clothes, or jewellery, but they can also make beautiful home decorations (the festive-themed Advent calendar made from pouches is a perfect example). So, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to ways of using Saketos products - you are only limited by your imagination.

Thanks to the possibility of personalization, our bags are used by manufacturers from all over Europe as sleek product packaging as well as decorative bags featuring company logos for advertising gadgets and business gifts. They are, of course, equally popular with individual customers, who use them to create beautiful decorations and wrap small gifts as a thank-you for guests at various family events.

Multi-purpose reusable pouches

We live in a time when concern for the environment and the zero waste approach are a necessity rather than a choice. That's why it’s worth making eco-friendly choices every day, making it possible to take care of our planet. Made from fabrics such as linen or cotton, reusable pouches and shopping bags from Saketos are therefore the perfect solution - every day and every holiday.

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