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3 pcs Nonwoven bags, sized...

Nonwoven bags, sized 30 x 45 cm, printed with...


Wondering whether a bag with handles or a drawstring bag is better for you? How about testing a 2-in-1 product? The Saketos range includes bags with a drawstring and a practical handle that you can use to carry or hang the bag.

Nowadays, apart from an unconventional look, we also value the functionality of accessories we choose for various occasions. Bags with handles, decorated with Halloween themes such as vampires or monsters, are a practical way to spice up your costume for this ghost festival, increasingly popular also in Europe. A bag with a handle is extremely practical and useful for carrying sweets. An evening wander around the neighbourhood in search of treats will be easy with it, even for a kid continuing this long-standing tradition.

Do you think fabric pouches are just for children? Nothing could be further from the truth! This innovative product could become a unique complement to your personal party style. Replace the standard handbag you carry every day with our fabric pouches with a handle and impress everyone with your stylish creativity! The practical handle makes it easy to use the pouch while allowing you to hang it almost anywhere, and the expandable bottom means you can fit everything you need inside!

Our nonwoven bags with a handle are made from a biodegradable fabric to help protect the planet, and their capacious interior will fit all the sweets collected on a spooky night out or the accessories needed for a Halloween party! Opt for originality, practicality, and the ecological aspect of our products, which will allow both children and adults to stand out from the crowd - regardless of age and circumstances!

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