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We would like to present you a huge collection of our exclusive bags made of velvet. This fabric often called plush or velor is soft to the touch and very durable, which makes that all our velor pouches serve for many years. Velor compared to other traditional fabrics has a much stronger weave, making it more resistant to mechanical damage. That is why our collection of colorful velor pouches is universal and suitable for everything!

Velvet pouches can be used as a box or a packaging for valuable items such as jewelry and precious decorations. They can also be used as a fantastic gift pack for a loved one. Velor bags can perfectly conceal a surprise because. They are not transparent and secure well the hidden gift.

What is more, our velor bags you can store items of different sizes, because for your convenience we have prepared small, large and medium sizes, Due to this certainly everyone will find something suitable. We encourage you to buy in our online store. We offer attractive discounts for customers buying larger quantities!

Velour - what kind of fabric is it?

It has been known for centuries and, even now that it’s cheap and widely available, it’s still synonymous with luxury. And there’s nothing strange about that! After all, it looks really sleek.

The velour fabric stands out by its fine fluff. It is the pile cover on the outside of the fabric that makes it so soft and pleasant to the touch! The fluff that is so characteristic of velour consists of densely woven, short hairs that go in different directions, which allows the fabric to reflect light so beautifully.

This fabric has a strong effect on the human senses and gives every velour bag a truly royal look!

In our store, you’ll find velour bags available in many colour variations, as well as models with decorative prints and appliqués. Let us remind you that at Saketos you can also order personalized velour bags featuring your print!

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