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5 pcs 26 cm x 35 cm
Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white Organza bags
Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white Organza bags
  • Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white Organza bags
  • Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white Grape protection
  • Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white Fruit bags
  • Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white Large bags 26x35 cm
  • Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white Bags with quick and easy closure
  • Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white White bags

Organza bags 26 x 35 cm - white

White organza bags with dimensions of:
Width: 26 cm / 10,25 inches
Height: 35 cm / 13,80 inches
Pcs per set: 5

Product SKU: ORB-2635-WTX-361

Size in inches: 10,24 x 13,78 inch

Number of pieces per pack: 5

EAN-13 (GTIN-13) 5902565682101

SKU: ORB-2635-WTX-361

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Pieces in set:

5 pcs


Organza Bags 26 x 35 cm (5 pcs.) - White

5 pieces of large white organza bags in the size of 26 x 35 cm is a very practical set with a broad range of applications, which will facilitate the organization of your home, and also be suitable for more formal circumstances.

Organza bags of dimensions 26 x 35 cm in white are elegant and functional packaging that will perfectly fit both for everyday use and on special occasions. Ideal for individual and business customers, these pouches offer a wide range of customization possibilities.

The history of the Saketos brand

Our story began in 2008 when we were a small one-person company creating personalized wedding invitations. We quickly discovered that the market needs unique packaging, which started our adventure with the production of pouches. Today, Saketos is the largest manufacturer of cloth pouches in Europe, offering both wholesale and retail sales.

Personalization and uniqueness

A pouch is a practical form of storing items, but ordinary drawstring bags and chiffon pouches tend to spoil the closure and are simply boring - organza bags, on the other hand, are not only solid but simply nice, making them perfect as a gift container for family occasions and more official events, such as corporate parties. This size will allow you to package even large items: bottles of alcohol, photo albums, and larger electronics, such as a tablet.

At Saketos we offer the possibility of full customization of our pouches. You can add your company logo, any inscription or graphic, which makes them an ideal choice for promotional bags and company gadgets. Our services include:

  • Two-sided printing: We will print the pouches on both sides, providing maximum visibility for your logo.
  • Various printing methods: We select the best printing technology for the chosen fabric to achieve the highest quality and durability.

Benefits of using organza pouches

  • Durability: Organza pouches are extremely durable, making them ideal for reuse.
  • Aesthetics: Elegant appearance and delicate material make them perfect for special occasions.
  • Versatility: They can be used for different purposes, which increases their usability.

Eco-friendly packaging

Repeated use of organza pouches helps reduce waste, making them an ecological alternative to disposable packaging. This is an ideal solution for companies promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly packaging.

Applications of organza pouches

  • Gift wrapping: They're perfect for holiday, birthday, or wedding gifts.
  • Jewelry storage: The delicate material protects jewelry from scratches and damage.
  • Cosmetic packaging: Excellent for storing small cosmetics, such as perfume samples or soaps.
  • Company gadgets: They can be used as elegant packaging for company gadgets, enhancing the prestige of the brand.

Saketos - our values

At Saketos, we are guided by values that translate into the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. We offer:

  • The guarantee of the lowest price: We provide the best deals in the European market for personalized products.
  • Express order fulfillment: Even within 3 days of confirming the details.
  • No minimum order quantity: You can order exactly as many pouches as you need, without any surplus.
  • Free consultation: You will receive a personal customer advisor who will assist at every stage of the order process.


Organza bags 26 x 35 cm (5 pcs.) in white are elegant, functional, and versatile packaging that will fit perfectly in various business applications. Thanks to the possibility of personalization and fast order processing, our pouches are the ideal choice for both small and large companies. Choose Saketos and enjoy the highest quality and a professional approach to your needs.

Meta description: Discover the practical and elegant organza bags available at Saketos. Ideal for both individual and business customers, these pouches can be customized to your needs. Efficient organza bags and pouches wholesale!

Technical parameters

Decorative printing
Pcs per pack
Width *
26 cm
Height *
35 cm
Height to drawstring *
29 - 30 cm
* Size tolerances
+/- 5%
Personalize your bag
Personalize your bag
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