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In recent years, we have seen handmade products created by enthusiasts growing in importance. This is great! We are handicrafts aficionados too. We think this is because handicrafts, unlike mass production, provide a sense of quality and uniqueness.

Having said that, greater popularity also means greater competition in the market. Wondering what to do to make a small-scale, handmade product look really professional or how to stand out from the thousands of other artists who carefully craft their products?

The packaging manufacturer Saketos meets the expectations of its customers specializing in handicrafts. We are aware that no book should be judged by its cover, but the packaging certainly adorns the product and significantly increases its value!

Thousands of our customers have chosen to sell their handicrafts in Saketos pouches, which are the perfect replacement for traditional candle packaging or boxes for handmade soaps. Organza pouches are a product that will allow you to both package and display handicrafts in your shop window, at various fairs, or in street markets.

Artisans creating jewellery and other luxury products usually opt for velour or satin, traditionally associated with such products. Customers often choose linen, jute, and cotton pouches for handmade soaps and candles. The most demanding artists opt for pouches with a logo so that their product evokes a feeling of uniqueness and luxury from the first contact. Additionally, pouches with a personalized print make an effective promotional gadget.

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