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3 pcs 45 cm x 60 cm
3 pcs Organza bags 45 x 60 cm - white

Organza bags 45 x 60 cm - white

White organza bags with dimensions of:
Width: 45 cm / 17,71 inches
Height: 60 cm / 23,62 inches
Pcs per set: 3

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3 pcs


3 large, white organza bags with a size of 45 cm x 60 cm is a very practical set with a wide range of uses, which will make organizing your household way easier. It will also serve you during more official situations.

A bag is a practical form of containing items, yet ordinary string bags have tendency to break the closing, and are just boring - organza bags (also called shiffon bags), on the other hand, are not only very solid, but also just pretty, which makes them a perfect way to pack a little gift or present, for both family parties and official occasions, such as company events. These big favour bags will also allow to pack bigger objects: a bottle of alcohol, album with photos, and bigger electronic stuff, such as tablet.

Decorative organza bags are very versatile containers, which will provide useful in every situation.

Technical parameters

Decorative printing
Pcs per pack
Width *
45 cm
Height *
60 cm
Height to drawstring *
54-55 cm
* Size tolerances
+/- 5%
Personalize your bag
Personalize your bag
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