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Are you a parent? Do you have small children? Great! In this category, we present a collection of Saketos products that are perfect as bags and pouches for children

These bags are extremely versatile – the possibilities for their use are endless! See for yourself the great possibilities this product offers you: Fabric pouches and bags with a drawstring can be used as organizers to help you keep your child's room tidy. They will give the child more room to play and make it easier to find every toy, no matter the size. Probably every parent is familiar with the problem of the young constructor's lost blocks or the little lady's hairpins. With our products, everything will be tidy!

Do you want to spend time creatively and actively with your children? Playing with pouches is the perfect solution, as they can be used for sensory play and gymnastics. Simply fill them with loose content such as peas or rice. You can find many inspiring ideas for sensory play for children on our company’s blog. Little artists will certainly enjoy using them as a basis for creating small works of art. Linen and cotton bags can be painted on with paints, markers, and crayons.

During the magical festive season, our pouches are an indispensable part of children's world. St. Nicholas Day at your kid’s nursery school is a great opportunity to get creative. As a parent involved in organizing the event, provide the little ones with great Santa packages wrapped in festive-themed pouches. Gifts prepared in this way will look very inviting and will certainly arouse the preschoolers’ curiosity.

Have you heard of the increasingly popular “elf on the shelf” game? Originally, the elf, as Santa's emissary, would sit on a shelf to watch the children's daily routine and report back to him on their doings. However, the creativity of parents has seen the game develop in ever new directions. We have our own idea for it too! The friendly elf brings a new task for the child every day, and to reward the achievement, it leaves a tiny gift in the pouches of our colourful Advent calendar. This way, both you and Santa can find out how your child is doing.

Getting the kids ready in the morning for their busy day at nursery or primary school? Need to pack snacks, toys, or a change of clothes? Organizer bags can make this task much easier for you. Also here, we respond to your needs by offering you printed bags for colouring for every day of the week. With the included markers, your child will have a fun time decorating each pouch with their favourite colours.

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