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Custom bags with interesting prints. Here you will find our unique collection of printed favour bags. There are two types of fabrics available: beautiful organza and versatile and durable linen.

Depending on the occasion and individual preferences, you will find here bags with printed graphics in various themes and compositions. Our company offer pouches with prints for Christmas and Easter and other occasions. Only here you will find romantic red organza pouches with subtle hearts or delicate butterflies. In addition, a whole range of decorative sacks with interesting prints, which may be a perfect packaging or an interesting decoration. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of organza decorative or jute bags.

Custom bag with our and Your own design

Our extensive range includes printed bags. If you’re into original and unique things, we’re sure that these pouches will steal your heart! Why not use them as room or office decorations? Colourful prints are eye-catching and always look great.

Or perhaps you’re preparing a present for your girlfriend or boyfriend and looking for unusual gift wrapping? Choose a print that goes well with the recipient’s personality and wrap the gift! Roses, flowers, checks... you can be certain there's plenty to choose from. As a manufacturer of fabric bags, we must be sure that we cater to both the sensitive and the sensible.

Don't forget that also children love the richness of colour, too! Printed bags can be used to teach kids how to be well-organised and encourage them to develop the habit of sorting scattered Lego, for example. And if you want to wrap a Santa Claus gift for small kids, you just have to choose sturdy and uniquely original wrapping. They won’t end up in the rubbish bin like ordinary disposable bags.

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