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In our wholesale online-store, we offer a very large selection of decorative bags made of interesting and attractive fabrics. We have a wide range of colours and sizes. You can choose something perfect for yourself. Regardless to the size of the content we have pouches for every occasion!

We offer the following products:

Bags made of organza: it is an incredibly versatile fabric that works well under any circumstances. Organza is delicate and translucent so you can see the items stored inside the pouch. It is used almost everywhere. Bags made of organza are often used as a package for small guests’ gifts at weddings and other events, such as birthdays, anniversaries and communions.

Jute bags: this is a colourful alternative to the classic packaging of various things like cosmetics, jewellery and other personal items, that we want to give a special place to store. There are many interesting sizes and colours available. It is a durable fabric popularly known as burlap. Jute bags are very strong and will serve for many years. Some people call them as hessian bags due to its historical meaning.

Bags made of satin: are a great way to pack an exclusive wedding gift or presents for other occasions. You can put in them, for example, a piece of jewellery or expensive cosmetics for your loved one. Satin sacks have a nice gloss, which makes them look very attractive.

Linen bags: extremely attractive and durable are suitable for storing food items. Because they naturally slow down the drying process, they are perfect as a packaging for herbs, spices and even dried mushrooms.

Pouches made of metallic organza fabric: they are interesting and shiny alternative for business gifts. Available in gold or silver, consist a fantastic idea to pack a gadget or a surprise gift.

Denim bags: these durable (made from 100% denim) pouches are perfect as handy organizers or original wrapping for gifts and products of all kinds. Denim is always fashionable and it goes well with everything!

Cotton bags: the perfect choice for those who appreciate natural beauty! Among other things, they are perfect as eco-friendly shopping bags, which makes them part of the zero-waste trend.

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from! Lots of choice means lots of opportunities for you!

Both world-renowned brands and local companies order logo pouches from Saketos. Personalized bags are a perfect wrapping solution for business gifts, business cards, and advertising gadgets or as product packaging, among other things.

Of course, fabric bags also work wonders at home! These are the perfect organizers for children's toys and all sorts of household stuff. You can use them to prepare beautiful but cheap room decorations! It’s also a good idea to put them to use in your wardrobe or dressing room - to create an aesthetically pleasing scented bag or prepare homemade lavender pouches for moths.

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