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It is worth paying attention to the linen pouches when looking for original solutions to store small items or give a special gift. In our online store we recommend beautiful flax pouches decorated with charming prints: flowers, animals, fruits and nautical motifs.

The drawstring linen pouches can be used as an original packaging for a gift. Ideally suited to store herbs, mushrooms or flowers. Linen fabric, due to its moisture-absorbing properties is very good to store food and herbs. What is more, pouches filled with lavender can be placed in the cabinets, thus deterring the clothes moths.

Linen bags are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties, so they can be used by allergy sufferers. In addition, flax is a natural biodegradable fabric, which makes it environmentally friendly.

All the natural pouches presented in this category are available in multiple sizes: the smallest dimensions are 8 x 10 cm and the largest - 22 x 30 cm. Bags made of high quality linen ensures durability and strength as well as high resistance to stretching and wiping of the material. Thanks to the convenient double knotted string, our flax bags are easily opened and closed.

Do you value timeless elegance? We’re sure that linen fabric will steal your heart. We present an extensive range catering to both business customers and individuals.

The linen fabric is made of natural vegetable fibre obtained from flax stems. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that cotton, wool, or polyester are also used to make linen bags. This makes these bags crease-proof. You can put whatever you want in them! A gift for a loved one, cosmetics, or clothing.

But these aren’t all of our bags’ applications! You can use them as herb pouches - the linen fabric works perfectly in the kitchen thanks to its durability and unique and classic design.

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