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In the Saketos online store, you will find small pouches made from organza and other fabrics that will help you wrap thank-you notes for your guests, ensuring that the effect is pleasing to the eye. The wide range of colours and fabrics available will make it possible to perfectly match the packaging to parties in many styles – rustic, boho, or glamour. You are sure to find here the perfect gift bags for your guests – whether you’re organizing a wedding and reception, birthday, baptism party, or a first communion reception.

The wedding ceremony and reception are a magical and emotional time in the life of every bride and groom. As you prepare for your big day, remember to thank your guests for coming to your special celebration. We very often want to appreciate our relatives and friends and show them that their presence is important to us. This is why presents for wedding guests, given during the reception, are becoming a widely celebrated tradition. This small, kind gesture will be a way for you to show that you appreciate your loved ones coming to this important event.

Wondering how to wrap gifts for your guests so that the effect is pleasing to the eye? Gift pouches for guests are the perfect solution – practical yet interesting. They make it possible to wrap your gift nicely while complementing the decoration of the room or table.

Saketos offers many options – sleek satin or velour pouches will do a good job here, but natural linen, cotton, or jute pouches are also recommendable. No matter the style of your celebration, our pouches will perfectly emphasize its character. Small items or sweets in a thank-you pouch for guests will bring joy to the giftees, and the packaging will remain in use in various ways later on.

Remember that fabric pouches prove useful not only as a thank-you gift at the wedding and reception but also as a way to show appreciation of guests coming to baptism, first communion, 18th or 1st birthday, etc. Our pouches are a timeless and extremely versatile solution. They will do a perfect job as thank-you pouches for guests at many different celebrations, including various business events or trade shows.

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