Garden and domestic plants

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Homeowners often choose to liven up their rooms with flowers and potted plants. It’s just nice to have something like a little garden in every corner of the home.

What can you do to make your plants look different from all other ones? It’s very easy! Simply replace the plain, boring cover with a plant pot cover pouch. This will give your room a different and original look.

How many times have you bought potted herbs and had no idea what to put them in? From now on, the problem is over! All you have to do is choose to buy our products. Printed linen pouches will be just great for your mini garden.

Fabric bags will also find use in the kitchen with its many different food items. How many times have you opened the packaging too forcefully, causing half the product to spill out? Our pouches will give you the convenience of use, food safety, and an extraordinary look.

Thanks to the possibility of customization, you can have pouches with text saying what’s inside them. Pouches for dried mushrooms help preserve the aroma and flavour of the product and prevent the formation of mould.

Linen and cotton pouches from Saketos are made from natural and safe fabrics that don’t harm the environment and undergo biodegradation over time.

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