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Easter is the most important Christian holiday. The painting of Easter eggs and the blessing of food on Holy Saturday are important traditions derived from folk customs. The custom of giving gifts brought by the Easter Bunny (usually chocolate eggs), which originated in Germany, is also gaining popularity around the world. The egg hunt, also associated with this custom, is a fun game that consists in looking for hidden chocolate eggs in the garden or house – kids love it.

Do you want to prepare Christmas gifts for your loved ones this year? We give you tips on how to make an Easter gift!

You can buy ready-made presents for children and adults in most shops. The most popular choices for kids are jolly bunnies or sets of chocolates with a mascot. For adults, you can buy sets of cosmetics or gift boxes with coffee, tea, and Easter-themed sweets. Of course, preparing such gifts on your own is a superb idea! DIY Easter decorations are becoming increasingly popular. An Easter decoration made by yourself will have a greater sentimental value in the future, and – secondly – you can prepare a personalized gift tailored to the needs and tastes of those you love.

Whether you buy ready-made presents or prepare DIY gifts, it's worth making sure that the packaging looks pleasing to the eye to make the presents look even more attractive! The Saketos brand comes in helpful here, offering Easter gift pouches made from various types of fabric.

In our special Easter-themed packaging collection, you will find many beautiful spring colours, as well as a wide choice of fabric types and sizes. With our products, you can easily wrap even non-standard and irregularly shaped gifts! An additional advantage of fabric pouches is that you can reuse them for storing, for example, decorations after Christmas so that they don’t get damaged.

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