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For many of us, Christmas is the most beautiful and important time of the year, and even just preparing for the upcoming holiday season brings a lot of joy.

Dressing a Christmas tree is undoubtedly an important tradition that symbolises life, rebirth, and hope (and of course, the tree is a wonderful complement to the festive interior decoration!).

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of your Christmas tree to the full? Be sure to keep its pot or water holder out of sight! Saketos can help you here by offering large jute bags for your Christmas tree to make it look special.

Our Christmas bags and pouches can be used to create a variety of embellishments – for example as part of the festive-themed table decoration (pouches can be used as cutlery wrapping and decorative bottle covers, among other things). In our online store, you will also find original Advent calendars made from fabric pouches! We are sure that Christmas-themed pouches filled with gifts will make the countdown to Christmas more enjoyable for your family!

For kids (and also for grown-ups), Christmas is inextricably linked to presents brought by Santa Claus (or Father Christmas, the Baby Jesus, or Grandfather Frost in some other parts). Wondering how to wrap your Christmas gifts nicely without using duct tape and scissors? For larger packages, we offer fabric Christmas gift bags, and for little gifts, we have smaller Christmas pouchesthat come in a range of colours and designs – there's sure to be something for everyone!

Christmas pouches are an excellent alternative to gift wrapping paper, as they can be reused several times (as organizers for storage or for wrapping further gifts). Wondering how to store all your season’s decorations (lights, decorative figurines, gingerbread cutters, and Christmas tree ornaments) after Christmas? Be sure to consider the jute Christmas bags offered by Saketos, which, thanks to their durability, can hold many decorations while protecting them from dirt. The extra festive-themed print means you won't have to open each box/pouch to know what's inside.

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